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Smashwords book reviews by Janet Kizziar

  • Gems From Love on Dec. 25, 2012

    An inspirational and challenging book. Written for those of us who chose to live authentically...with love, acceptance, hope and joy. I search for a gem to reflect on each day. My first and still my favorite: "In all matters my intention is to love." Joe Johnston's Japanese Kanji designs seem to have healing blessings without the need for words. This is not a book to read and set aside. It is a work of art I believe you will always treasure. I know I will.
  • How to Fail in the Music Business: Or Succeed If You'd Rather on April 20, 2013

    This is a how to succeed book that is not just for those aspiring to progress in the music biz. I appreciated what the author said right before his closing thoughts...your failures aren't over until you give up! Joe's illustrations are also fantastic. I love that this book features how to maintain a positive and healthy life in the face of an unforgiving and difficult career. Yet another success in a different genre for this author. Simply the best!