Jan M. Leotti


When Jan M. Leotti was a child, an evil uncle told her to come back to Reality and stop living in Fairyland. He said it was rotting her brain. In her teens, she and her friends attended a handwriting analysis party. "Those large loops on your 'J' and 'L' show that you are too dreamy. Get out of your head," the analyst said. Although Jan tried, she couldn't figure out how to detach her brain from her skull. In despair, she cried, her tears falling upon the loops in her name. One by one, the loops turned into bubbles. They puffed up and grew until they engulfed Jan in their iridescent skins, lifting her into the air. Sailing over the seas and over the lands of earth, Jan steered until one day she found it. Fairyland. When she disembarked in a state called New York, she bought a sky-blue cottage with an enchanted mulberry tree in the back yard. She set up a computer near a window tall enough to see the moon rise at night, and wrote two short stories and two vignettes, which were published in literary magazines, Peregrine, Primavera, and Vine Leaves Literary Journal, respectively. She also wrote a ghost story called The Headless Bartender and her first novel titled Close To Dark. She rescued two cats, placed twenty-two orchids on her sunny front porch, and married an award-winning landscape painter named Paul Bachem, who just so happened to be the prince in her loopy dreams. Jan and Paul still live in the sky-blue cottage and eat enchanted mulberries every summer. Jan has no intention of returning to Reality. Her brain has its own opinions about the uncle and the analyst.

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