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  • Light On The Moor, A Paranormal Romance on Oct. 27, 2010

    I've just read the most incredible and moving story, and with a twist. Author Rob Shelsky's paranormal romance, Light On The Moor truly moved me. The ending, beautiful in its strange way, had me in tears. This is a story of true love, mystery, and paranormal wonder. The author does an excellent job of portraying Norah, a woman lost upon the moor in a dense fog. She spies a strange light, and from there on, the story unfolds, taking it's twists and turns. All the way through I kept wondering what was going to happen next. I felt for Norah! And it was as if I was right there, taken back in time to those empty, strange moors of World War II. I felt as if it was me stranded atop the Devil's Tor. I could just picture Norah, lost and alone, struggling to find her way home. Secrets, that's what this tale is about, and they are marvelously and carefully revealed, right up to the very end. If you love mystery, the supernatural, and love itself, you'll love Light On The Moor by the very brilliant author, Rob Shelsky. Five stars are not enough for this story! It's true paranormal romance at its best.
  • The Sprite And I on Oct. 27, 2010

    The Sprite And I -- what a thrilling and wonderful read. You have to love the way the author, Rob Shelsky, put this together, because it kept me going all the way through. I just can't imagine how people can have such imaginations. This story is a fun, humorous tale that had me laughing aloud at times. Mr. Shelsky can come up with the most humorous one-liners. His characters seem so real. Harold is so contrary. For Christmas fun, and a fast-paced romp with a water sprite, a dreadful thing called a Vila, and an aging hero, do read The Sprite And I. Rob Shelsky has created a wonderful, fun, piece of writing here. Five stars anyone? The Sprite And I, by Rob Shelsky deserves this.
  • Verity on Oct. 29, 2010

    R. Shelsky's, Verity, is a wonderful Regency Romance, but also serves as a good Historical Romance, as well. Shelsky has a talent for doing research, apparently, because this novel is lovingly painted in with those little details that make it all seem so real. From an out-of-date Spencer jacket, Verity is forced to use, to a jolting trip by coach to Devon, it all seems so real. Even the food, as described certainly seems appropriate to the period. Verity is an intriguing book, with real characters who leap out at you, a plot that will most certainly hold your attention, and dialogue that seems just perfect for the period. This is a true Regency, folks, with a touch of sensuality. I loved Verity. You will, too. If you lean to romances with a real plot, characters who will command your attention, and a heroine who is strong-willed and independent, despite the times (perhaps because of them), you'll enjoy Verity by R. R. Shelsky. But it, you can't go wrong with this one. This deserves and gets a full five stars from me!
  • Fallibility, A Regency Romance on Oct. 30, 2010

    Ah, another great Regency/Historical Romance by R.R. Shelsky. How I enjoy them. This one is a marvelous tale of matchmaking, a formidable aunt who intervenes, and even social class warfare, for the heroine, Faith, dares to fall in love with a man "below her station." Throw in great characters, and a plot set in Doone Valley of Lorna Doone fame, add in kidnappers and robbers, and a desperate flight for freedom--not to mention one heck of a love interest with the sexy Giles, and with just the right touch of sensuality, and you have one good story. This does have one sex scene, nicely crafted, and although you certain know what is going on, it is not explicit. I enjoyed Fallibility by R.R. Shelsky thoroughly. And it makes a great sequel for the author's other novel, Verity. Read and enjoy. Five stars from me for this one.
  • Lost Echoes on Nov. 01, 2010

    The time is the Elizabethan Period of England, and the queen sits uneasy on her throne. There is treason afoot and intrigue. Into the midst of this comes the sweet Aurea Pentrose, as a handmaiden to a noblewoman. But poor Aurea is out of her depth, being too honest and straightforward to handle the subtleties and viciousness of court life. And there is one other thing. It seems in a matter of only a week, she is fated to die, unless someone can save her. This someone is Peter Vincent, a financial officer from the future. He discovers a portrait of Aurea in an old shop and falls in love with her. And by some power unknown, is allowed to go back in time to meet Aurea. He has a great deal of trouble convincing her he is from the future and not a devil. Eventually, he does, and he warns of what is to happen. Together, as they fall in love, the two of them struggle to find out what is going on and what is to happen to Aurea. Caught up in a treasonous plot, with shadowy figures everywhere doing their utmost to usurp Queen Elizabeth, Peter tries to help Aurea stay alive and avoid a tragic fate in the middle of this tangled mess. Can he? Read Lost Echoes to find out. You won't be disappointed. The author, Rob Shelsky, is excellent at creating a fast-paced plot that carries the reader along. Aurea is an innocent girl, but she's a fast learner, and stands up for herself. I loved the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the garden scene. And I'll say this much--Rob Shelsky makes you believe you are there, at the palace, at the court, and right in the middle of it all. He is superb at painting scenes. And he's just as good at creating plots with turns and twists that will keep you ensnared in them until the very end. And I love his characters. They are not only real, but you actually do love and hate some of them. I was drawn particularly to Aurea's aunt, for one, and I also (and I don't know why) liked the haughty Liylia. Again, they just seemed so real to me. Five out of five stars for Lost Echoes.
  • A Confederate Yankee In Miss Annabelle's Court on Nov. 04, 2010

    Rob Shelsky has done a wonderful job with A Confederate Yankee in Annabelle's Court. It's superbly done, with the two characters well fleshed out. I loved the dialogue. Seth, the soldier, speaks in his time period, and he pretty much scratches his head at what Annabelle has to tell him about our present. But then, Annabelle has a hard time believing she is in the past, too, so that balances perfectly. Both seem convinced the other is a little "tetched in the head." If you like time travel romances, ones that are written to seem real, ones that stress sweet romance, honor, and duty, you will love A Confederate Yankee In Annabelle's Court. She's a determined, independent woman who knows what she wants, and she wants Seth, as it turns out. But can she have him, or is destiny itself against them? I heartily recommend A Confederate Yankee In Annabelle's Court by Rob Shelsky. It's a good, fun, and solid story of love transcending time and one you definitely won't want to miss.