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Jane Bow grew up in Canada, the United States, Spain, England, the Czech Republic and Cuba. Stints at Dickensian schools -- the French Lycee in Madrid and a British boarding school, with teenaged holidays behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War -- set the stage for a lifetime of storytelling.

Her first novel, a true crime story called Dead And Living, was shortlisted for Canada's Arthur Ellis Award and selected for a university course in 2002. The print version of The Oak Island Affair, an action adventure/mystery based on an internationally renown treasure hunt, was a 2008 American Indie Book Award finalist.Jane has also published short stories, plays and non-fiction, and her work has been studied in Canada and India.

She conceives, imagines, writes and edits her novels in a study overlooking a Canadian forest, or on the south coast of Crete, or at the Norman Mailer Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. For more information on Jane's work, her creative writing workshops and other events, please visit www.janebow.com. She is happy to visit book clubs, if you live close enough.

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  • Letting Go on Dec. 05, 2012

    Norma Harrs has pinpoint insight and an uncanny ability to take on the voices of a wide variety of characters in this collection. In “Soap Opera In A red Camaro” the middle-aged narrator and her husband deconstruct a scene outside the window whilst dining out. In “The Unkindness Of Strangers” a little girl inhabits the space where compassion elicits hatred and murder is understandable. Elderly sex, the pathos of duplicity, and conflicting family confusions about death all rear their lovely heads through Harrs’ finely tuned dialogue in this book. A good read anywhere anytime.