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  • Makita on Sep. 03, 2011

    I am not usually an animal person. These courageous, resourceful creatures captured my imagination. Bennie and Jack, dogs being lead by the remarkable cat Makita brought tears of worry and empathy and joy. Friendships are so important. You will want to read this fast paced interesting and different story. MAKITA is the first one I have read of this series. Now I have to go back and read, SHARDAI and AKASHA the other cat series books Must add Sandra Cox to my author's to read list. She has several different typs of books and all sound good. Really loved MAKITA and the great adventure she and her friends went through and obsticles they overcame.
  • Shardai on Sep. 08, 2011

    SHARDAI Woderful story. Sanra Cox pulls you into her story by your heartstrings. The interaction between the cats and humans and other animals is amazing. Courage and Strength and great Characters bring joy to the reader. Open your mind and jump into this book series, Cats of Catarau,1/Shardai, 2/AKASHA,3/MAKITA
  • Akasha on Sep. 08, 2011

    AKASHA Talk about a mothers love. It is captured here as Akasha searchers for her lost kitten Cairo. She bravely faces disability and meets some cool friends as she makes her way to Cairo. Sandra Cox has a wonderful ability to move the reader. Three books in this series:Cats of Catarau 1/SHARDAI 2/AKASHA 3/MAKITA