Smashwords book reviews by J.D.

  • Forbidden Love on Jan. 24, 2022

    Love this story. Great setting great taboo sex. Jezebel is such a great writer
  • Amy's Cuckold on Nov. 23, 2022

    Great erotica. Love how in depth it gets into Amy’s thoughts
  • Elizabeth's Fantasy on Nov. 23, 2022

    Great cuckolding story with a twist. Love that it focuses more on Elizabeth than the cuckold. Great dialogue and details
  • The K-Pop Cuckold on Dec. 21, 2022

    Very hot story. Like the world building in it. Great characters and raceplay dialogue
  • Maria's Gang Bang on Jan. 14, 2023

    Incredibly hot gangbang action with great dialogue. Love how Maria humiliates Tony and Tina.
  • Redneck Cuckold on March 14, 2023

    Great interracial humiliation story. Samantha is sexy exploring her inner slut
  • The Office on March 18, 2023

    Great story especially Annie and Kims relationship. Love their group effort to humiliate Gary and tim
  • The (Not So) Super Hero on April 14, 2023

    Excellently fleshed out world building. Great sex with hot race play
  • Mother Nature and the Willing Cuckold on May 16, 2023

    Great sequel. Love the word building in the Mother Nature chapters and the character interactions in Michelles
  • Kebi's Tribe on July 26, 2023

    Incredibly hot story especially the scene at the end with Carly and Kebi. A great interracial themed story
  • The Billionaire Cuckold on Sep. 16, 2023

    Very hot story. Love the character development of Sierra to becoming a total black cock slut. Natasha is also wonderfully slutty in a loving way
  • Tales from the Kiwa: A Continuation of Kebi's Tribe on Oct. 16, 2023

    Kelly is an amazing writer. She masterfully sculpts characters and beautifully puts them into extra hot scenarios
  • Claire's Dark Medicine on Nov. 24, 2023

    Another great story by Kelly. Love the friendship between Claire and Lindsey. The scenes with Claire and her husband arguing make her eventual cheating on him even sexier.