Jarrett Brandon Early


While earning an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, Jarrett Brandon Early participated in a study abroad program in Bangkok, Thailand. The experience opened his eyes to what was possible, a glimpse into a life lived without walls. So when dark clouds rolled in one day and failed to exit, he refused to merely wait for their departure, leaving everything behind to start life anew in Thailand.

In Bangkok, Jarrett spent six years crafting personal stories for some of Thailand's most influential young professionals. After telling the tales of hundreds of others, it was time to cut himself open and leave bits of himself on the page for a change.

Jarrett left Thailand with a pocketful of regrets, a lifetime of wild adventures, and a headful of stories demanding to be told. After crossing the globe with his new wife and infant daughter, he immediately began work on STATION, completing it in three months.

Jarrett currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife Natthicha and daughter Alexandra Beam. He is currently hard at work on THE ROTT INERTIA and hopes to complete both it and ILL MESSIAH in 2020.


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