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Back in high school, I was encouraged by an amazing teacher to pursue writing. He thought I had a real talent for it, and I did what pretty much any teenager does when an adult gives them advice.

I ignored him.

Twenty years later, I was tired of a corporate life and chose to get back into writing. I joined a local comedy troupe.

And I wrote.

Writing sketches is a lot of fun. Watching the skits you've written come to life through the actors on stage is amazing. I was hooked instantly, but unfortunately the troupe wasn't able to continue performing.

I wanted a career in writing, so I went back to university and finished my degree. I learned how to write professionally, and I'm happy to have made it my career.

And then I found the Kindle Select Program.

Watching you, the reader, take the time to download my stories, rate them, and then come back to see if there's anything else is better than any drug in the world ( I asked Charlie Sheen, as I don't have direct experience in this arena...)

While I'm still pretty early in days of KDP, I'm looking forward to the ebook world and the possibilities it brings to the indy author. My thanks to Amazon for making this process easy, and my thanks to you for continuing to read.

My promise to you: If you keep reading, I will keep writing.

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