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Jay Whett uses her storytelling skills in cubicles and conference rooms throughout the Silicon Valley and around the country, trying to help Internet start-ups and struggling web-based businesses of all sizes generate a coherent vision and articulate a clear path to success. Once back home, she writes dirty stories late into the night, usually after a bit too much wine.

Her stories explore, at least on some level, the ambiguities of life – and especially sex. Ambiguous motivation, desire and consent. Sometimes ambiguous sexuality. Most have ambiguous endings, because ‘happily ever after’ is often only a fleeting moment.

Many of her stories are told from the first person, although this seems to annoy some people and she has promised to explore other points of view in the future. But if that bothers you, please beware.

None of her stories are especially autobiographic, although she has high hopes for several to become so someday, perhaps when she has more spare time. For extra credit, you can try to guess which ones.

Jay thinks there are way too many tales out there of perfect fucks. Double-D barely-legal blond beauties and chiseled hunks hung like a donkey having multiple, perfectly timed simultaneous orgasms, and then collapsing into a perfectly satisfied heap. Fade out, the end.

Can you imagine anything more boring than reading something like that?.

But every imperfect story can be imperfect in its own special and interesting way, if it’s told well.

She likes stories with a bit more bite. Twisty little tales of unexpected sex, nervous sex, reluctant sex, surprising sex, defiant sex. Breakup and makeup sex. Angry sex, difficult sex, dangerous sex...

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Sweet Orchids Resort
The fabulous and very exclusive Sweet Orchids Resort is heaven on earth – for the lucky few who can afford it. It’s a tropical island paradise where the guests enjoy all the gourmet food they can eat, all the vintage wine and top-shelf booze they can drink, and all the smokin’ hot girls they can take any time, any place, and any way they feel like. In any combonation, and as often as they can. A rotating crew of new and gorgeous girls arrives every day for a one week stay. So there’s always a fresh and eager face to cum in or on, a new hot, tight and wet pussy to fill, a different willing and supple ass to plow – or to spank, if that’s what the guy happens to feel like at the moment. Resort wear is always worn by the friendly and helpful staff, it’s optional for the guests, and never worn by the naked and lovely companions. So in addition to their very generous pay, a fabulous all-over tan is a nice bonus for the girls. Swimming, sailing, scuba diving, tennis, and even beach volleyball are all just icing on an already very tasty cake. And touch football becomes a whole new game when the girls are all nude, and cocksucking is the prize no matter who wins.


Sweet Orchids Resort One - Twins!
Series: Sweet Orchids Resort. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 12,630. Language: American English. Published: July 11, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Menage/Multiple Partners, Fiction » Erotica » Literary Erotica
Gorgeous and naive twins Kelly and Kimberly need money for college, so they answer an ad in their school’s paper. Before they realize what they’re getting into, the girls are on a jet headed to a remote tropical island for seven very full days of brilliant tropical sunshine, seven twinkling starry nights, and steamy, non-stop sex with dozens of guys, quite a few girls, and even each other!

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Smashwords book reviews by Jay Whett

  • STRIP (A Quickie) on March 17, 2012

    Naughty is the best kind of sex! I really liked that the protagonist/narrator was depicted as a real person, and not some sex-crazed bimbo. It made the situation much more realistic.
  • Magnum Tales ~ D is for Deeply on March 18, 2012

    Short, but *very* sweet. Nicely self-contained too, while still implying a complex past and holding out the possibility of a realistic future. No real drama, though, no real tension Even a little bit would have earned a fifth star.
  • Cherry, Oh, Baby on April 07, 2012

    A little overwritten and under motivated, but the action was nice and hot, and that's what counts in porn. Well worth the read. I'd really like to read a sequel, about how they all manage to get along together after this morning (f they do).
  • Losing It on April 09, 2012

    Fun, very short and to the point. Well written, it caught the awkwardness of the first time nicely. A little more background on why never before, and why now would have added texture.
  • Text Order Bride on April 09, 2012

    A well told, but very much underwritten, story, Not much drama. Ms. Osbourne never resolved the 'cabin fever' problem her heroine was having, it just melted away in a gauzy haze. But the narrator was well conceived and interesting, her beau was a very different sort than the usual romance story swashbuckler, and I really believed the set-up. I just wish there were a few more bumps along the way to 'happily-ever-afterville.'
  • Love Is Blind on April 13, 2012

    A delicate tale, delicately told. I was a little confused in the early going. Call girls are very different than bordello employees, which our narrator seemed to be. But still, a very enjoyable story. I'd love to read a sequel with other clients.
  • Orange You Glad? on April 17, 2012

    Kind of a frustrating piece. On the one hand, it's even better written then 'Cherry Oh Baby', of which this is a sequel (you might want to read that first if you haven't already). On the other hand, this is even more clearly a 'transitional' story, with no attempt at any kind of resolution of any of the story elements introduced here or even those left open by 'Cherry'. It opens slowly, but hang on, the ride is worth it. I'm really looking forward to seeing way more of Francis, and another go with that cute Asian schoolgirl could be very nice...
  • Bliss Kiss on April 18, 2012

    A fun romp! Lots of promise, with very well drawn characters. Not much actual, you know, sex, but a fine beginning for what seems to be a long string of stories. Let's all hope that Ms. Salari gets Jaz laid soon.
  • Dinner For Three - a filthy quickie on April 21, 2012

    A fun romp, but pretty thinly plotted. Straightforward and to the point, as far as it went, but it ended a little too soon for me. The night was just getting started!
  • Is Love Still Enough? on April 21, 2012

    A sweet, sweet story, at least from Travis' POV. I was never certain if Angel knew he was married, though. If not, I felt badly for the guy. Travis could have let him down more easily, or perhaps explained the situation. On the other hand, if he knew and just didn't care, then the little slut of a home wrecker got way better than he deserved. He should have gotten a swift kick from Dean at the very least. But still, it's a very nice description of turmoil and uncertainty, giving some real dramatic tension.
  • Lady In Red on April 22, 2012

    Maybe a little too short. I really need to see Millie's reaction in order to know how I felt about Tom.
  • How Much Head Should a Girl Give? on April 24, 2012

    Very sound advice, and obviously well researched!
  • Tessa and Jade on April 24, 2012

    An interesting concept nicely executed. Having two stories going in parallel, one happening and the other being described, could have been a jumbled disaster. But Ms. Hart manages to pull it off surprisingly well. A very fun read.
  • American Girl on April 27, 2012

    Extremely well conceived and written, with a believable heroine and a thoughtful - and thought provoking - story line. I can't praise it enough. Strong, capable, and most of all 'real' women are all too rare in the stories here, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet Rafia and spend some time inside her head. I don't agree with the choices she makes here, but I understand them completely. And that's what good storytelling is all about. This one's a keeper.
  • File Under H for Horny on April 29, 2012

    A hugely fun romp! It's little jumbled in spots, and maybe trying to cram a wee bit too much action into not quite enough story, but the protagonist/narrator is likable and very inventive when it comes to getting her guy hot and bothered, and he returns the favor nicely.
  • Stacked in the Stacks on April 29, 2012

    A little slow opening, but stick with it. The story pays off big time once it gets rolling, and a rollicking good time waits for you a couple of pages in. I never knew librarians had so much fun after hours!
  • The Drifter Vol.1 - Lost Soul - (A Mike McCoy Encounter) on May 04, 2012

    This might have the nugget of a very good idea buried inside, but it's in need of a lot of polishing. The character of Mike is drawn well enough, but Jacky is left a blank, with no hint as to why she's attracted him, at least to the degree shown.
  • Gina's Two Husbands on May 06, 2012

    The story has a very cute premise and the sex scenes are extremely well written. Hot, frenetic and very believable. But the plotting between times was pretty slow going, there was way to much of it, and the ending didn't fit the characters as well as it could have. And the really interesting part, the part I was looking forward to, the guys working things out, happened entirely off screen. Still, not a bad story at all, and worth the read for the screwing, which was terrific.
  • Summer Shorts on May 07, 2012

    These are more mood pieces than actual stories, so beware if you're looking for plot or resolution. All three have a wonderfully thick, smoky, noir-ish atmosphere and less than savory characters with dark motivations and desires. The writing is languid and well paced, although a little rough in spots, with much more implied than actually said. Once an ending is in sight, they all simply fade to black without needing to spell everything out. These are not your typical 'fuck stories', with smiling and happy people screwing each others brains out, so adjust your expectations. They're more like shots of espresso - dark, hot and bitter. And a small dose is just the right amount.