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  • Gods of Kiranis on Aug. 21, 2012

    Free, self-published books that you can only download from the internet have almost no interest me. I am Jo Bloggs who likes to read and who has no particular author or genre. Just a good story, well written, will suffice. We have all read drivel publishers thought suitable to commit to paper and I had based my unfair assumption that free internet publishing, without the critical eye or input of publishers and agents, is a degree or two below said drivel- 'Wannabes' without official sanction. Since reading this offering from Ronald A. Geobey I have since revised my opinion and realized that if J.K. Rowling had had access to this technology when she began her career, then she might never have received her fourteen odd rejection letters. This is polished piece of creative storytelling rich in language and dialogue. If you hate sci-fi, and I'm not a big fan, don't let the title or cover dissuade you from at least reading the first chapter. If your not hooked by then, I'll eat my kindle. This book is a page-turner (or 'scroller' if you are reading it on a computer)and not in the juvenile 'Da Vinci Code'sort of way. The plot and story are huge and complex told from three separate and alien perspectives yet everything is linked and the twists are unguessable. One drawback is that even through the skillful interweaving the book seems almost too short to hold the story together. Better this than 'Star Wars' though. Cassandra and even Naveen, have the ability to inspire disgust, admiration and even sympathy and their ultimate aims and motivations seem both clear and unclear. The complexities of these characters and others make the book so fascinating even if this subtlety is less evident in the other characters. A little more characterization would be welcome in more Geobey offerings. The most interesting thing about the novel is the sharpness in style and dialogue. No padded meanderings or protracted images. No word is wasted. Geobey is obviously a dedicant to the 'write, re-write, re-write, re-write.... and then edit' philosophy. The dialogue was very surprising since it, as much as any other element of the book, drives the story and and the characters with no little wit, even if at times it succumbs to bit of cheese. Geobey is a Phd student with twenty years of writing behind him. It is clear he has had plenty of time to ingest and digest the myriad of influences that are evident in this novel. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, Mills and Boon (just kidding:) and a generous dollop of humour. Strange and familiar ingredients are thrown together to create an original recipe. If you like a good story, well written, check this one out. Geobey isn't a 'wannabe', he's a 'soontobe'.