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  • Rebellion (Chronicles of Charanthe #1) on Dec. 29, 2010

    When, upon graduation, Eleanor receives a lifetime job assignment that is far below her capabilities, she decides to try to join a fabled team of trained assassins who live outside the laws of the Empire and who may or may not truly exist. As she seeks out the mythic facility where these assassins learn their trade, she encounters new people, new cultures and new adventures that simultaneously put her life at risk and allow her to grow as a person. She finally locates and breaches the school, only to learn that they've never in their history accepted a female student. Now she has a new task: to convince the school authorities that a girl can do anything a boy can do, even though she may go about it in a different way. The tale moves along at a spanking pace, with barely time for the reader to catch her breath before Eleanor's next adventure starts. Can't wait for the next