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Smashwords book reviews by Jeff Taylor

  • Duplicity - A True Story of Crime & Deceit on June 22, 2012

    All I can say is “wow.” This is an amazing true story about complete and utter betrayal and picking yourself up afterwards. The story focuses on Paul and his marriage to Audrey Munson, a seemingly nice woman with three children. But once married it becomes apparent that she is living a double-life as a prostitute/scam artist. The fact that this really happened to someone is just shocking to me. Everything about Audrey is completely corrupt. After splitting up with Audrey, Paul goes on an epic quest discovering more and more of her secrets and becoming a stronger person for it. You can’t help but put yourself in Paul’s shoes and wonder what you would do in a similar situation. The book is a real page turn that will suck you in immediately, a great read, and worth reading just to educate yourself on some of the people out there. Five Stars!
  • The Body on July 27, 2012

    This is a very clever sci-fi short story. It takes a bored and tired bachelor and puts him in an extremely strange and comedic position and we get to watch him struggle to get out of it. The plot moves very fast and keeps going in strange directions that are impossible to predict. Simon is a great character and I loved reading his thoughtout the course of the story. I managed to read it in one sit and was laughing throughout, all the way to the great ending. Definately recommend checking this one out.
  • Paranormal Summer on Nov. 07, 2012

    This is a really good paranormal/fantasy book. I liked the way the plot just kept on pulling me further and further in. It never gets boring thanks to the fact that you are never really sure where it the story is going to end up next. It just got harder to put down with every page. It also had really good characters and character development, which is really important for a story. This is an overall very good book. Anybody who is interested in magic or paranormal genre books will certainly get what they want out of this.
  • 151 Excuses for Missing Work on Nov. 14, 2012

    I have never really been one who often misses or is late for work but on seeing this book I thought that it would be good for a laugh and would have an off chance of helping me out at some point later on down the road. All of the excuses are small and difficult or impossible to confirm but are still very understandable and easy to believe. When you think about it 151 excuses are a heck of a lot so anyone is sure to find at least a couple in here that they could pull off.
  • 151 Great Pick Up Lines... on Nov. 24, 2012

    I bought this book expecting that it would be a huge collection of cheesy pick up lines that I could never pull off, and while it has plenty of those I was pleasantly surprised that it also had some really good ones I can actually use. The book is pretty straight forward, it begins with a few pieces of advice that is sure to help and then gets straight to the list. It has a pretty wide range of pick up lines, so whether you are trying to pick up high school girls or co workers there are appropriate lines in here. Whatever your personality there has to be at least of few pick up lines in this that you will like.
  • Survival Guide for Beginners on Dec. 13, 2012

    I have always been one to over-prepare, just in case things get really ugly, so when I happened to find this book on here I decided it was worth taking a look at. This really is a great guide for people unfamiliar with any kind of disaster survival. It covers all of the basics; being prepared mentally and physically, essential medical supplies, water purification, etc. And, it does all this in a simple, easily understandable style that will make you feel confident you are ready for whatever disaster life could throw at you. I seriously recommend checking this one out.
  • Barriers of the New World on Jan. 18, 2013

    It took a few chapters for this book to really draw me in, but once it did it just didn't let go. It's an exciting dystopian suspense novel with very well drawn out characters that make for an interesting and exciting story to keep you up well past your bedtime. I definitely give it 5 stars. It's fun, interesting, romantic, and the plot goes in directions that you just don't see coming as you're reading. An exciting story that really puts you within each scene as it takes place, with beautiful descriptions of each scene. If you're into action, romance, and the sci-fi genre, this is probably a good pick.
  • Ministry Of Morgasm on Feb. 15, 2013

    What an odd, quirky and fascinating tale! The author weaves a strange story that I found to be somewhere between "Being John Malkovich" and Woody Allen's "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)". The writing is good-very good- and i found it akin to either being in someone else's head, or maybe reading their secret diary. The characters, though different, are believable, and the dialog is sharp and authentic within the context. Very enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing other work by this author.
  • The Testimony of Satan on Feb. 23, 2013

    I was not quite sure what to make of this book but I decided to take a chance on it and all that I can say is "money well spent". The author has a very distinct voice and does a great job of making a unique and interesting character that is still strangely relatable. The story moves along at a good pace, drawing you in more and more as it progresses and the finally does not disappoint. I cannot say for sure that everyone will like this book but I can guarantee that you will be thinking about it long after you finish reading it.
  • The Believer's Guide to Entreprenuership on Feb. 27, 2013

    This should be a very informative and inspirational read for anyone out there who is interested in starting their own business but lacks the basic knowledge or confidence to get going. The book lays out a simple but ingenious strategy to creating a strong foundation for your business. It is an easy to follow guide and reading in really makes you excited and puts you in the right state of mind when beginning. The advice is very solid and helps to motivated you to see things through. Worth a look if you could use a push in the right direction.