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A small town holistic hair designer reminds the world of their precious identity in an effort to help them keep their head above the abyss of mankind’s ways.

Following a near-death out-of-body experience in 2007, Jennifer has been connected with the afterlife as a soul interventionist ever since, teaching mindful ascension therapy, spiritual mysteries and the natural use of higher-sensory abilities. After personally experiencing 13 years of rigorous, direct, spirit-led study, Jennifer has moved through the awe-inspiring ascension processes of higher consciousness. She now channels higher understanding for others regarding subjects related to life, death, the afterlife, multi-dimensional consciousness, medium-ship, divine philosophy, metaphysics, cosmology and more. United with the spirit she shares the miraculous insights and processes of the human spirit - regardless of social perception.

As a Soul Medicine Practitioner, she leads empowering workshops, discussions, and practices specializing in all areas of body, mind, spirit subject matter. Jennifer channels the higher consciousness of the spirit realm to assist seekers, spiritualists, and wellness practitioners worldwide. Her receiving is catalystic and based in multi-dimensional soul communion in the effort to open the broadest pathways for anyone who seeks to re-awaken their body, mind, spirit system.

Jennifer’s work is not defined as “typical.” Her work is based on Alchemical transformation and thereby, she does not direct intention or seek information from the unseen for entertainment purposes. Nor, does she alter or edit what she receives to appease and/or conform to human desire. She rather receives and delivers ethereal information to assist in the alchemical ascension processes of the soul’s infinite wisdom. This form of receiving is based on universal ascension in the effort to rise above - the human conditional mind.

Devoted to bringing the great mysteries and miracles of the divine universes back into focus - it is Jennifer ’s living agreement to share her experiences to help others embrace their own mystical self and unique abilities - so that ALL may feel the honorable presence of our person… our soul… and our after-destination.

* You have helped me to see what I was too blind to see and to hurt to acknowledge.
* I'm letting go of my perceptions. I was finally able to see the truth. I'm so filled with joy and love after releasing a block that kept me a prisoner of my own creation.
* Thank you, and the Divine for all of your love, guidance, and support. I am able to open myself up to love now.
* I find I have to read, re-read, absorb, but I always arrive at an Aha moment.
* Your work cuts both ways, as needed. You kick me in gear while encouraging with your strength. You offer closure and you don't make up sh*t just to pacify people.
* Challenged with some of your writings which have stayed with me for weeks - I've digested, argued, disagreed, and agreed only to have the awakening anyway. I have learned so much.
* If everyone used this book it would completely change mankind... It saves people.
* It is an honor to be part of all this. I feel so right now and I am finally starting to feel at home in my own skin.

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"The Stone Philosophies"
Price: $8.88 USD. Words: 54,330. Language: English. Published: October 31, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
Journey within the corridors of your own power. Activate the senses of who you are. Awaken to the higher wisdom and mystical properties of the body, mind, and spirit to become truly comfortable within your own skin.
Angels in the Woods" ~ Where Magic and Mystery Take Flight Honoring the Perfect Mind
Price: $4.44 USD. Words: 25,580. Language: English. Published: October 31, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
A very personal journey of self discovery awaits as Forest friends and Angels share life awakening secrets and positive reminders of how negativity and the lack of being happy, kind, and understanding is not how we were made to be. Adults are joyfully reminded that their own child's heart that is still alive and well and that everyone was made to be… happy, loving, understanding, and worry-free!

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