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Jennifer Ruth is an aspiring author with the love of science, conspiracy, education and history. She began her writing career at the ripe age of 12, writing her first short story about Santa Claus. Her stories have expanded over the years from poetry to short stories and, eventually, to Journalism. She has written hundreds of stories from every angle; local, historical, political and international.

Her passion however, lies with Science-Fiction/Fantasy and the Contemporary. The idea that among the billion of stars that fill out the sky, another intelligent life force exists. Others believe they may even be here already, among us, living in our cities and towns, running our governments and shaping our minds to their beliefs. Conspiracy theories is another love of Jennifer’s and now that she is no longer a reporter, she can now full fill her dream of writing on a different level.

Jennifer still has another six months of courses to complete and will graduate with two degrees; a BA with a minor in Criminology and a BAA with a major in Journalism. She has also completed a two-year Journalism course at New Brunswick Community College in Woodstock, NB in 2003.

Jennifer has spent her childhood growing up in the booming city of Fredericton, NB, more specifically, Marysville, or as most Frederictonians know it, “The Ville”, but has since moved to her mother’s hometown Woodstock, NB. Since 1999, she and her two daughters, Ilana and Kaitlyn have enjoyed the slower pace of rural living, although the locals would consider her a “townie” because she resides within the town limits. Jennifer has deep roots in both Woodstock, also known as New Brunswick’s “First Town”, as well as Houlton, Maine where her father’s roots reach way back into the early settlers of the town with her Ruth ancestors being one of the first families to farm in the area. Jennifer is also a native of Bristol, Connecticut where she was born and spent the first 5 years of her life. She has numerous brothers and sisters who live up and down the East Coast of North America and visit them frequently.

Whether it’s Woodstock, Houlton, Fredericton, or Connecticut, Jennifer makes home wherever her family is.

This story is the completion of a dream that she has had for her entire life. it’s not about fame or fortune, it’s about sharing her story, her idea, her creation. It’s her baby. But she doesn’t take all the credit for her accomplishments. She’s had help.

She became a journalist to harness her craft and learn more about people and their environments and what does that mean? It means that she is now and forever, a story writer. Science, romance and conspiracy has always been a passion that drives her and she believes that in all things, if you can’t see it, taste it, smell it, touch it or hear it, is it possible to believe in it? This question can be put to almost anything and one thing about being a writer, Jennifer encourages everyone to always question, always be curious to always seek out truth. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. This is who she is, but she is not alone in this quest. She is also a wife and mother and animal enthusiast. She loves to write and she takes great pride, first, in her two daughters and second, in her work. All of Jennifer’s work is inspired and driven thanks to her daughters. Growing up with them has inspired her to explore more, experiment her ideas more and never give up. Jennifer says her children have unleashed her creativity and everything she will ever write will be a creation born from her many adventures with them and life.

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For thousands of years, mankind has been driven into a destructive direction of war, wealth and power. And for thousands of years, humanity has been used as the ultimate weapon of revenge. Banished to live forever on an undeveloped alien planet, Lotus has used his time efficiently. He's pushed mankind's progress to the breaking point and put the world on the verge of self-annihilation.

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