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  • Hidden Crimes on June 03, 2012

    Emma Holly sure knows how to write one hell of a hot paranormal romance! Her new novel, Hidden Crimes, proves that, no matter what differences exist between 2 people, whether it be race, sex or species, lust can still bloom into pure love.. Ms. Holly once again pulls us into the normally hidden world of Resurrection, the half fae city existing somewhere on the fringes of the human realm. She reintroduces the mouth watering RPD werewolf Detective Nate Rivera to us, whom we first meet in Ari & Adam's story, Hidden Talents. Nate sees the sexy, RFD alpha tigress and single mom, Evina Mohajit, during late night grocery store runs and one night, Evina decides that a fling with him is worth the risk & amps up the flirtation. The chemistry between these two could burst bystanders into flame! Emma Holly does not hold anything back when writing her novels & I, for one, could not be more thankful. The tales she creates pulls the reader in and keeps a firm grip throughout the entire story, leaving you fulfilled and grinning like a fool at the end! Nate & Evina's lust for each other draws them into a case that the RPD is trying to solve.. Nate believes that because Evina's weretiger psychic tendencies are excellent, she would be a the perfect person to help him check out a mystery that he can't quite figure out.. This decision pulls them both, along with their families, into a tailspin of danger that very well might end their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Can Nate & Evina pull their strengths together and overcome the evil that could draw them to a ghastly conclusion in their lives? And if they do, will their passion ignite the flames for a lifelong love between the unlikeliest of two species, cats & dogs? If you are a paranormal lover, don't miss this novel! It has all the spice, chemistry, wild sex, danger, adventure and love that you could ever crave in a fabulous paranormal romance.. Emma Holly sets the bar for other authors out there with her sexy, sensuously descriptive cast of characters... Grab this book and jump into the dangerous & captivating city of Resurrection! One of the best paranormal of the year!!
  • Jessica's Obsession on May 01, 2013

    Wow-talk about a truly creepy character. Taabia's Jessica certainly made my skin crawl. This is a short read, but still entertaining. The brief nature of the story seemed to necessitate having Jessica's character flaws spelled out rather obviously and was kind of jarring at first. At least until presented with some of her creepier actions. All in all a good story, and would benefit with some story expansion-maybe showing how Jessica is conniving rather than calling her a conniving child right of the start when really all the reader has seen of her so far is an embarrassed little girl with a crush. Four hearts for Jessica's Obsession. The story starts out in grade school with best friends Jessica and Lizzie Stone. That is of course where Jessica starts to crush on her best friends brother Tony-which turns into a full blown obsession, and with her dangerous quirks this means trouble for the Stone family.