Jenny Wilson


I am passionately devoted to guiding broken-hearted victims of betrayal to true and lasting forgiveness and meaningful reconciliation and overcome negative spiritual and emotional effects, so they can walk in truth and go beyond coping to victorious living.

My path to become a grace-driven, Christian mentor became clear the moment I heard of another woman hiding in shame after her husband’s secret sin of pornography obsession was publicly exposed. At that time, I didn’t know what I could possibly say because I was in the same painful situation, but I knew God would safely deliver me and empower me with a message to help others.

I’m intimately aware of the pain of rejection, isolation, shame, anger, and loneliness caused by betrayal. My distress led me to hundreds of hours of Bible study that prepared me to create highly-effective programs based on biblical principles.

What energizes me in this work is knowing that through the difficult process of growing in knowledge and wisdom, I’ve been equipped to gently lead others to seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ and gain their own spiritual understanding of suffering, grace and healing. I’m privileged to be an ambassador for Christ and implore others to be reconciled with God.

I’ve been married since 1989. I’m enjoying the success of a reconciled and committed relationship that has grown stronger and more intimate every day. I’m raising wonderful children for the Lord, establishing them in the faith, and taking pleasure in witnessing the fruits of their servant hearts.


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