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Jeremy Lee is a Canadian by birth, currently living in Australia. He has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. Jeremy grew up in various parts of England including the picturesque Cotswolds. He picked up a camera before the age of ten, and distinctly remembers starting his first significant artwork at the age of six.

Fascinated by colour, Jeremy spent many long nights and evenings learning the physics. It seems easy at first to explain why something is 'red' or 'green' but the more you look into it, the more difficult it becomes. As it happens, the study of colour leads you deep into quantum physics. This created an interest in electronics and he built an electronic organ at age 14. Around the same age, he sold many picture-sculptures to friends and family. When older, he created glass engravings and distributed them as wedding presents and sold them. He worked for several years as an assistant at Winchcombe Pottery, run by Ray Finch. At the end of his tenure, Ray offered Jeremy an apprenticeship. At a crossroads in life, with opportunities as a full time potter or to pursue the Olympics as a gymnast, Jeremy decided that a long term career would be best served pursuing his love of science.

Jeremy now has a degree in electronics, and is a certified internet security professional. This is what pays the bills and looks after his dependents and a large pole house that he built as an owner-builder; but his wife, children, then art and craft and working with wood takes the most prominent place in his life.

While in his early teens, he was disqualified from a local art and craft competition for 'cheating'. This, being a mystery and great source of irritation caused his parents to try and find out why and it turns out that the judges truly believed that the work was pre-bought and not constructed by a young man. Jeremy considered this a lesson in life, but is yet to work out what it is.

In 1988, a painting of Jeremy's on display at a local shop was stolen. On the one hand, he considers that something of a back-handed compliment but on the other wonders why the customer felt that it was worth stealing but not paying for.

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