Paul Bowen


Originally from Bradford (UK), now living in Wakefield (UK) with his wife and three children.

Jeremy is actually my real name, but most who know me would be surprised at that, as I've always been known by my middle name, Paul. Its a long story... something to do with divorcing parents, my mother staying in hospital for a couple of weeks after the birth, my father forgetting what they'd agreed when he went to register...

It was probably a lucky break. Jeremy works for an author I think, it wouldn't have worked in 1980's Bradford comprehensive school system! I survived the ginger curse relatively intact, but the name would have just not cut it.

Successful in my chosen work field, writing is a part time passion I fit in around the day job. I spend a lot of time with my job in lonely hotel rooms, which are not always condusive to healthy diets, but they do make good environments for getting words down.

In The Shadow of Death is the first book I've brought to the Kindle audience. It's the first in a series of three... I think... it might end up being more. The second book is well underway and expected in 2012.

I've several other projects written in the past I'm going to dust down and re-invigorate, so hopefully I'll get some of them published soon too.

Please follow me on twitter @Ginner_B but be warned, I'm a real person and I tweet real things, not just author rubbish!

All feedback is welcome, especially the good sort!

I hope you enjoy my work, I enjoyed writing it.

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