Jerry Guin


Jerry Guin is best known as a short story writer with 28 to his credit. His book, "Trail Dust" captures 12 of those stories. Jerry has written "Matsutake Mushroom," a nature guide book. He wrote his first western novel, "Drover’s Vendetta" in 2011. Followed by "Drover’s Bounty," a Black Horse Western released by Robert Hale Ltd. August 2013. Recently he had stories appear in the following anthologies, "Outlaws and Lawmen" by La Frontera publishing and "Six-Guns and Slay Bells, A Creepy Cowboy Christmas" by Western Fictioneers. Also through Western Fictioneers, Jerry wrote chapter one of "Wolf Creek, Dog Leg City, Book 3." Jerry lives in the extreme Northern California community of Salyer with his wife Ginny.


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