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Born May 2, 1967 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Son of Jerry Lee Langdon and Linda Anne Langdon, born Linda Anne Sherman. Attended Elementary Schools in Bloomingdale, Michigan and Otsego, Michigan. Attended High Schools in Otsego, Michigan until 1985, Marshall, Michigan 3 months of 86 until moving to Quincy; Michigan and attending Adult Education in Coldwater, Michigan. Graduating 1987. Going Directly to the Army.
Being raised from the age of 3 by my Aunt, Mary Hammon. Due to the Divorce of my parents, and personal problem of my father. Who had gained custody of me. My Father gave custody to my Aunt when I was 9. Being raised in this manor had great impact upon me. The dark feelings in me took the overhand. Never feeling to be a true part of any family. My Cousins where my brothers and sisters, and still I was an outsider. Feeling that I belonged by my Father, knowing that this was not possible for what ever reasons. At the age of 17 I had went to a Recruiting Office pre-enrolling in the Army. This started a fight and I was kicked out / ran away. Call it mutual. From this point on I had to learn to stand on my own feet. I was unemployed, struggling to finish School, and full of anger. This anger accompanied me a very long time. After living alone for half a year I moved to cousins in Quincy, Michigan. We were 3 wild Teenagers living on our own. I found work, went to Adult Education as the Public School did not want drop outs, regardless of the reasons. Finally Graduating 1987. Shortly there after I was in the Army. After Basic Training, and Schooling I was sent to Nurnberg, Germany. There I remained 7 years. In this time I met my wife. We Married 1990, in the same year she became pregnant. And I was sent to war in Desert Shield. Still full of anger from the past, mixed with the agony of not being there for my wife. Unknowing if I would ever see her again. I returned home, unharmed, April 1991. Our Son David Craig Langdon was born June 24, 1991. We were Sent to Ft. Hood Texas. but I sent my wife to my Family in hope to settle there after my term in the Army. This did not work, I brought her too me. Again the disappointment and anger towards my Family drove me to the decision to return to Germany. I had already planned to stay there before we were sent to Ft. Hood, but was willing to give it a try. I have lived in Germany since 1992 and have had varios occupations. At the time I work as a Truck Driver.

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  • The Hound on May 02, 2013

    Read this book twice now and it still gets my blood pumping. Well worth reading