Jerusalem Mortimer

Smashwords Interview

You've got a book on sale at Smashwords. What's it all about?
(Note: the bit about the book being on sale here will come true in a couple of days. Please bear with me.)

It's about a man who is going to Rome, to meet a woman he's already in love with. He's a dom, and she's submissive. She mentioned, casually, that she's never had anal sex. So it's an agreed agenda item between them that he is going to Rome to take her anal virginity.

She also mentioned that a long time ago, when she was very young and at school, a schoolteacher had used a tawse on her. A tawse is a longish, stiff, split leather strap, that was used for corporal punishment on children, before beating children in schools was banned in the UK. When that teacher had hit her with a tawse, it had split her skin, leaving a lasting scar. It was a significant injury, and a gross act of cruelty.

So the man had the quixotic idea that he would get a tawse while he was in Scotland, and bring it to Rome. There, he would find a way to apply it that led only to her pleasure, and did no harm. So the bad memory would be overlaid with a good memory instead.
This book is set in Scotland, and tells the first part of the story, though it's also a complete story in itself.
What's your book, "Between the Lines: A biography of BDSM", about?
“Between the Lines” is a history of bdsm, from erotic sculptures made 23,000 years ago to the internet age. It covers bdsm in arts and literature, and the development of bdsm communities, with mutual support, a code of ethics and a sexual politics.

It’s also a personal history, from Jerusalem Mortimer’s earliest discovery that his sexual tastes were not the same as his friends, his encounters with stigma and isolation, and his slow discovery that, with perseverance and the kindness of others, bdsm can be fitted into a good life, decent, happy, and occasionally joyous.
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