Jessica Joy


Weaving stories has been a passion of Jessica Joy’s for as long as she can remember. As a child she spent hours lost in the fictional worlds of her favorite authors. She also loved creating her own fictional worlds and acting them out with her fashion dolls. Her stories were elaborate and complete with costumes and cardboard sets.
As an adult Jessica brought her love of engineering fictional worlds into her novel writing. She now writes romance novels that focus on the journey of her characters to find love even when forces, circumstances and villains are trying wrench them apart.
Jessica enjoys writing stories in which the hero and heroine genuinely like each other or would have if circumstances were different. Jessica writes with a gentle voice that urges her characters toward realizing that they love each other in spite of circumstances, and situations that might conspire to keep them apart. She prides herself on creating characters that have truly likeable and admirable traits as well as flaws readers can relate to.
Jessica writes contemporary romance, contemporary romantic suspense, and is currently at work on a paranormal romance.
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