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Jewels Maloney, M.Ed., Ed.D Creativity, started learning from young children in the early 1980's in early childhood centers, and in the 90's became a professor of education. She felt a mission to assist teachers to develop their senses of awe, wonder, joy, and curiosity. Jewels taught teachers in the ways she wanted them to work with children. Creativity was the focus of explorations and collaborative learning so that teachers viscerally felt what is was like to be free to learn.
Jewels co-founded The Sweetgrass School and the Harbin Community Child Care Center to demonstrate that we can trust children to grow and learn through play, nurturing environments, and independence. Jewels currently lives in Sedona, AZ and is available to speak to groups of parents, teachers, teacher educators, and groups who want to create new ways of living and being and new ways of letting children learn and grow as individuals and in community. " I truly love to share all I have learned about creativity and the human spirit! I want to answer any and all questions that may arise from the ideas in this book. Please email me with any questions, and these will become part of an interactive blogspot to be announced soon, and a follow up book!"
"Everyone and everything connected with Mother Earth is in an awesome process of transformation and ascension. Ascension is the increase in frequency and vibration of every electron comprising life on this planet and all of creation. We are each opening our hearts wider and deeper, feeling and seeing and hearing from the perspective of our immortal soul, and en-light-ening. Our creativity is being catapulted into visions of how to bring a New Earth into existence. We are all destined to co-create a sacred existence on our beautiful Mother Earth.
As has been said for many cycles of time, "The Teacher is Within"! Each of us carries the wisdom, beauty, love and truth within our hearts and Knows that we are Here Now to Make a Difference - to be here for the great Turning of the Ages, and to Celebrate as we create a new reality that much better serves the holy beings that we are."

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The War on Kids
The video below is one of the reasons I had to write this book. Information on alternatives: The War on Children Dr. Jewels Maloney Increasingly over the past twenty years, as an amazing new wave of high energy, creative, gifted children have come to the planet there has been a systematic trend toward shutting them down and deactivating their genius and their love. full article at


Every Child is Holy
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 12,050. Language: English. Published: March 29, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Parenting » Childhood development, Nonfiction » Education and Study Guides » Experimental methods
What glorious wonders emerge when we encourage children's freedom and creativity! What happens when Mother Earth is the teacher, and children's play creates the curriculum? How will our lives and our world be transformed when we as parents and teachers trust ourselves, follow our hearts, and open our souls to the brilliance and love each child brings to our life?

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