Smashwords book reviews by Jgvanev

  • Untouchable Beauty on March 10, 2021

    Hope for the future This was the last in series for the Cubi books and I want to cry. This author has taken me on a journey that I will never forget. Thank you! If you want to immerse yourself in an alternate world on Earth where there is love, friendship and change that allows you to grow then read these books. If you want to see that no matter how long you’ve lived that you can believe in a new paradigm and change the world then this series is for you. This last book is so full of hope for the future and that if you accept differences then you can move forward. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very HOT scenes in this book, but it shows that listening and caring bring people together and allow strong bonds to grow. I want everyone to read these books and I guarantee you will love them. OMG please take the opportunity to delve into the Cubi series.