Jill Edmondson


Jill Edmondson is the author of the Sasha Jackson mystery series. There’s a thin line between Jill and her sleuth Sasha, although Jill has never worked at a phone sex hotline, and Sasha isn’t a language geek. By day, Jill is a post-secondary communications professor and an ESL assessor. When she’s not writing whodunits or busting people for improperly using semi-colons, Jill enjoys bumming around any country where they speak a Latin-based language. Jill loves head banging rock concerts, ice cream and palm trees, and hates the colour orange and the letter V. Jill is currently working on the bio of an underrated rock and blues guitar god, as well as the next Sasha Jackson mystery.

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Dead Light District
Launch party for Dead Light District. March 2011.


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