James W. Dow


James W. Dow
Chief Executive Officer, Aerotec, LLC

Years of Experience: With this firm– 16 years; With other > 25 years

Education: Mississippi State University: BS/Aerospace Engineering – 1970
MS/Aerospace Engineering – 1972

Relevant Qualifications:

Mr. Dow was an original founder of Aerotec, LLC (airborne remote sensing) in 1996, having retired from the Alabama Power Company. Mr. Dow is generally acknowledged as one of the most influential engineers in the United States regarding CAD/CAM/CAE technology and LIDAR “filtering” software development. Mr. Dow has over twenty-five years of experience in application software development and support for a variety of industries that include military defense, aerospace, forest products, construction, communications, and electric utility.

Mr. Dow’s experience spans all aspects of information management methodology/technology from strategic planning for network-infrastructure through design, engineering, construction, implementation, and support of mission critical computer application systems across multi-company/multi-state political and geographic areas. He is an internationally recognized authority in a wide variety of industries.

In 1979, Mr. Dow co-authored an internationally acclaimed book entitled “The Guide for the Evaluation and Implementation of CAD/CAM Systems”. He played a key role in bringing several successful European CAD/CAM software products to the U.S. marketplace.

From 1990-1995, Mr. Dow was employed by the Alabama Power Company Information Resources Department as
-Manager of Application Services - Staff of 57 (1992-1994) and
-Manager of Information Resources Plans & Projects – Staff of 30 (1990-1992).

From 1974-1990, Mr. Dow was employed by Southern Company Services, Information Resources Organization in the following capacities:
-Manager, Nuclear Plant Information Systems Staff of 35 (1987-1990),
-Manager, Information Resources Strategic Planning Staff of 4 (1983-1987) and
-Manager, Supervisor, Programmer Staff of 20 (1972-1983).

From 1972-1974, Mr. Dow was employed by Lockheed Georgia Company, Wing Design, as a Stress Engineer in the Structural Design Department. There he performed structural analysis, fatigue analysis and basic material research related to the engineering and design of aircraft structures to include the C-5, C-141, C130, JetStar, L1011, and Hummingbird (VTOL aircraft.)

During 1972, Mr. Dow worked as a Scientist/Instrumentation Engineer for the US Naval Weapons Laboratory in Dahlgren, Virginia. He conducted basic research in gas dynamics to simulate nuclear blast wave environments at the Conical Shock Tube Facility. The research was related to the survivability of anti-ballistic missile systems, primarily the SPRINT missile.

Mr. Dow’s military experience encompasses the following:
-Commissioned Officer (2nd Lieutenant), US Army/Armor, 1972; continuing through
-Georgia Army National Guard: Commander, Company B, 1-108 Armor, Cedartown, Georgia (9 years of service).

Mr. Dow’s educational background is as follows:
-BS, Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University (1965-1970)
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Engineering undergraduate research assistant; research publications include “Skin Friction Drag on Infinite Yawed Wings” (helicopter blade aerodynamics)
Cooperative education program (Lockheed Georgia Company)
-MS, Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University (1970-1972),
Graduate research assistant (NASA Redstone Arsenal/Huntsville, Alabama) for the MSU Mechanical Engineering Department
Master’s Thesis: “Mass, Energy and Vorticity Transport in Turbulent Boundary Layers”
-Virginia Polytechnical Institute (1972); Advanced Graduate Studies - Advanced Particle Dynamics

Mr. Dow is a U.S. Citizen.

Mr. Dow was inducted into the Mississippi State University’s Engineering Hall of Fame in 1998.

Mr. Dow was the primary inventor associated with the following patents:
• Method and System for Direct Classification from Three Dimensional Digital Imaging (LIDAR). US Patent No. US 7,046,841 B1, May 16, 2006.
• Method and Apparatus for Direct Detection, Location, Analysis, Identification, and Reporting of Vegetation Clearance Violations. US Patent Numbers:
US 8,374,431 B2, February 12, 2013
US 8,724,900 B2, May 13, 2014
US 9,536,313 B2, January 3, 2017
US 9,947,109 B2, April 17, 2018
• Method and System for Developing Non-traditional (non-linear and non-parallel) Gently Curving Camera Trajectories for Collecting Digital Aerial/Terrestrial Photography for Construction of 3D Topographic Models Using Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Techniques, Patent Pending March 2018.


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