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From the film, National Treasure: "There are 20 million books in the Library of Congress, and they all say the same thing: 'Listen to Riley!'"

In college I was Editor of the literary magazine and received a national award for young writers. I'm also a classically trained musician, Concertmaster in high school, all-State, and at my university. After a time in popular music I returned to my roots. My current project is original Renaissance-styles scores for ballet and dance.

I have learned, painfully at times, that our minds alone can't guide us well. Joined by our hearts they may. Only where the sentiment of love and the power of reason intersect do we have the opportunity to appreciate the most profound truths of the human condition.

For those of us in that minority whose lives are dedicated journeys toward the light, our progress can start slowly, like locomotives drawing heavy freight. Eventually we may pick up steam. With luck we'll reach destination. In my case, perhaps not yours, I liken the goal of my spiritual journey to a rustic country station. On the platform, the stern but good-hearted Stationmaster greets all who end their searching here with these words:

"Realize this: Wherever we travel, we are going to the same place. We give our voyages different names, depending on our faith or lack of faith. But they are never more than names.

"Welcome! You have been seeking clarity. And among us you will find it, at times mundane, at others diamond-like glimpses of the Divine. Great art may suggest this blessing in the mind, and perhaps the heart. But only through a conscientious life will you realize it.

"You seem and earnest sort. I'll tell you a great secret: Throughout the universe, countless creatures, not unlike you and me, wonder about the meaning of life. Whatever their shapes or forms, the most fortunate will come to this: Love is who I am. Love is why I am. And conscience is the lamp love holds to light our way.

"Seeker, to reach enlightenment you need nothing you don't already have. You have a mind. You have a heart. Let them learn to speak not in two voices, but as one and you will at once hold the sacred key that opens to gate to Heaven."

May my verses grant you this key. May their words act as piano tuners for your spirits. May your heart and mind sing with that resonance known only to those who love the truth. I boldly claim that anyone who reads this book slowly and carefully, and reflects sincerely on what they've read, will see the curtains of delusion draw back and let in a sacred light.

What others have said:

"...seamless and intelligent...perspectives I've never thought of before."

"...flows like poetry...breathtaking."

"...reminds me of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali... While the author recognizes limits to the written word, his use of the medium is beautiful."

"...a book to keep by your bedside...more wisdom and common sense than Solomon!"

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What are your interests, besides writing?
Piano, composing, yoga, health and fitness, landscaping, and bicycling.
Any fears?
Realizing later I've been dishonest with someone.
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Enlightenment does not belong in Heaven or Nirvana. Brilliant lands have no need of lamps. This often-dark world does. We each have a heart. Thus, we each hold a key that opens the door to enlightenment. There is no other key to search our pockets for.

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