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  • The Harpy Chronicles - The Namari Book I on July 25, 2012

    The Namari, book one of the Harpy Chronicles, is the debut book of writer Aneza Lee and it definitely speaks of good things to come! It is always good to find a new fantasy writer with an original world, flowing story and a beatifully descriptive way of writing. The Namari dives from page one into the plot of two warring goddesses and Kirin, the elfin princess that is thrust into the centre of the conflict. The pace is fast yet steady, the writing is smooth and easy, the plot is interesting and quite novel, and the characters are by turns endearing, sympathetic, irritating and mysterious - just as they should be! Of course all the elves are beautiful, the dark elves show delicious hints of evil and frankly, I have no idea which goddess to route for yet! Our heroine Kirin, is young yet maturing rapidly, easy going but with hidden depths and vast powers only hinted at so far. And of course romance is not far off! A delicious book to curl up with and easily race through. We are waiting for the sequel in anticipation!