JoAnna Senger


JoAnna Senger: For someone who never wanted to be anything but a writer, JoAnna Senger took her time.
Born and raised in the Kansas City area, JoAnna remembers her suburban neighborhood as possessing all the virtues of a previous generation: good schools, good manners, large well-tended grassy lawns, and beloved family pets like her cat Poozy. Of course, there was that time one of the neighbors killed Poozy with a baseball bat.
Of such incidents are horror writers made.
With a day job full of facts and figures, JoAnna took refuge in murder mysteries and horror novels at the end of the day.
BETROTHAL, BETRAYAL, AND BLOOD, a dark murder mystery, reflects bits and pieces of people and places that have crossed her path. Barbara Custer, Publisher, Night to Dawn Magazines and Books, has published a number of JoAnna’s short stories including the Bodies Day & Night series (about a vampire run athletic club) and The Pet Door series (about a portal to some other world for pets and…some unimaginables).
JoAnna and her mystical black cat Timely divide their time between homes in Oxnard, CA, and Surprise, AZ, where Timely specializes in bringing the outdoors indoors. Only police intervention persuaded one of Timely’s “guests,” a bunny, to give up JoAnna’s sewing room and return to the out of doors.
Ms Senger currently volunteers for the Victim Assistance Unit in the City of Surprise Police Department. This unit provides assistance to victims of crime including sexual assault and domestic violence.
She has one son and two stepsons, each of them with children of their own.
Sometimes, life is beautiful.


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