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  • Sophie's Secret Crush on May 30, 2013

    This is an awesome book. Takes place in High School with all the ups and downs of a teenage girl and her problems with boys,but that is not how far it goes.She is a WITCH!!!!This brings on a whole new world of problems for her.A must read.I loved it!!!!
  • Don't Tell Mother on June 04, 2013

    AJ is a typical teen with typical problems with her mother and brother, BF and school mates,except AJ has a gift of foresight/seeing into the future, and she is having dreams of some one dying,but WHO???? Her two best friends also have gifts,this is why they are BFF'S and she finds out from an unexpected visitor,that others close to her have gifts as well,but who and what ??? This book is a great read and has a lot of twists and turns in it. A must read and I highly recommend it.A can not put down read and I can not wait to read book 3 in the Whispers series,Krysta's Curse. Tara West is a great YA writer. Just truly talented and amazing.
  • Krysta's Curse on June 05, 2013

    I loved this book. It had me at the edge of my seat all the through. A must read and I highly recommend. Without giving too many spoilers to the book,let me introduce you to Krysta. She is the best friend to Sophie and AJ. Like them she has a powerful gift as well. They call her Ghost Whisper.Why because she can see and interact we both the dead. Krysta has as a problem with two ghosts ,that will make you laugh,but that is the least of her problems. You must read to see what happens and find out about her parents and her gift and how she helps ghosts in need. Awesome book.
  • Visions of the Witch on June 06, 2013

    I can not recommend this book enough. Tara West has done it again and it was pure awesome. This book has it all. It has Sophie,AJ and Krysta. Their gifts are changing and for the best. We are introduced to a new school,an aunt of AJ,s that comes in the nick of time,New ghosts,and a New Witch. That is all I'm saying about this book,I do nit want to give to much away. A must read and a must have !!!!!