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  • Gaia's Children: The Beginning on May 26, 2011

    "A Cosmic Journey that inspires our souls awakening. This story parallels the changes we are maneuvering through today and as the story unfolds there is a remembering that is poignant to our current affairs. Gaia's Children uplifts and shares the energetic cycles of communication that occur within relationships, technology and spiritual advancement. We are quickly connected into the rich world of Atlantis with thought provoking characters that are working from an illuminated state of knowing. The challenges that these characters face are not limited to self but support the light infrastructure of all there is. This book gives the reader the gift of an expanded perception into a new way. The possibility of unlimited potential and experiencing what that would look and feel like. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of Gaia's Children. It's a contribution to the light mechanics of our changing times." Jody McNicholas Filmmaker