Dr. Joe Judkins


Dr. Joe’s life is divided into three primary time-lines, so far, each containing many sub-categories of highs and lows. The first time-line of thirty-two years was dominated with learning challenges. The second time-line of eighteen years was an intellectual break through breaking the curse of his learning disabilities. The third time-line began at age fifty when he asked God to embrace his soul and then God gave him a gift for writing. Joe also writes about his great love and respect for his wife that is interwoven throughout areas of this writing. Joe never knew that God was preparing him to become a prophet, to have a teaching seminary, and to have a healing ministry through writing. Joe thought that he was too dumb but God does not make dummies. Joe has degrees in: Associate in Merchandising Management, Bachelor of Management, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Theology. Joe's ministry is not under the authority of an organization or church but given to him by the Hand of God, as is so very evident in his web sites and writings. Where one worships the Lord God Almighty is their choice. Joe's friend, David, says this: "God will sort it all out." May God bless you in ways that open your eyes to His grace and glory.

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