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My name is Joe Pangelina. My experiences with the dark and paranormal elements of this world have frightened me and pushed me to the brink of insanity. Everything that I write is inspired from my very nightmares and visions that have presented themselves to me, regardless of whether I am sleeping or not. Fear and darkness have always fascinated me more than possibly any other element (if you will call it that) on this planet. Therefore, I write about what disturbs me, and what reduces my very sanity. I do this in a form of prayer, to hopefully introduce an audience to an unnerving, unthinkable idea, and to present these curiously morbid thoughts to that of my fellow humans. I believe fear to be a very misunderstood emotion. Most people find it to be deplorable and necessarily avoided at all costs. Through all my research and understanding however, I have come to the conclusion that fear is something to be embraced. After all, nothing has more influence on the human mind.

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