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As a writer I am defined by my imagination that is refined by my experiences in living and observations of life.
- Joeseph Simon

I am a man with a past. This is a good thing.

Let me explain.

My publishing credits start in the late 80's. This was before the current reign of eBooks, where the reach to readers was significantly smaller and the cost of entry far higher. The same applies to my credits as an author that started a few years later in the early 90's.

My early writing credits started with dark fantasy/horror comic stories at Caliber Press and then revolved around the music industry through entertainment weeklies, newspapers and magazines.

On the other hand, my publishing efforts focused on other authors rather than my own creations. Great things happened for those projects. Two of the books I published sold out. One featured a story that won an award from Ellen Datrow.

My life would be in a state transition as the 2000's started. I created a record label with talent like the Grammy nominated Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet to world-renowned composer Halim El Dabh. It was never boring. Keeping busy was always easy to do. I've acted in some indie films, taught at a college, managed bands, created music festivals, worked at nightclubs, and owned two stores. That's actually just the short list.

During this transition I discovered the publishing world was going through a transition of its own. This was right before eBooks became mainstream. Amazon ruled, but with actual books selling while bookstores started to decline.

It was during this time where I would publish my first book, Observations from the Door. This book would come from a more personal source. I have a long history working in nightclubs. My experiences working at nightclubs included many great things as well as tragic. After witnessing several separate accounts of innocent people being shot in front of me I was compelled to write and publish a book on how things could be done to create a safer nightlife. Sometime after that, eBooks started roll into the mainstream.

After Observations from the Door was released, I decided to listen to my origins of creativity and started to engage as an author in both eBooks and in print.

As a result of those efforts so far, you can now read my dark urban fantasy series, Dark Veritas. My second series, This City Bleeds Sin, a new noir social commentary just started and I already released Ende Nue, an annual publication made public on my birthday.

I smile thinking about my upcoming projects. Through the decades I realize change is going to happen, transitions and disruptions will occur. It's kind of cool because I remember how it used to, how it is right now and I have a good idea of how it is going to be in the future. 2013 and beyond…it's going to be interesting!

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