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My name is John a Sutherland and I am a lifelong resident of the state of Georgia.
I am a graduate of DeKalb technical college with a certificate of credit in marketing management and marketing specialist
I am also a graduate of the international culinary school at the art Institute of Atlanta.
I enjoy travel
Civil War reenacting
studying US history and all history
movies and documentary films

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
My five favorite books are
the Lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
I enjoy reading the Lord of the rings because of the great imagination that must’ve taken for J.R.R. Tolkien to create such a vivid world. It is such a great adventure story and is just fun to read. J.R.R. Tolkien does a very good job creating characters and a world with unique countries that point you in and you want to know what happens to them and what their future is.
Harry Potter and the deathly hollows by JK Rowling
I enjoyed reading the entire Harry Potter series, but would have to say the deathly hollows is my favorite if I have to choose one. I think it sums up the series very well. Ties up loose ends and answers questions, and the whole book is very interesting from beginning to end. I would have to say that the characters in the series Harry Potter are very vivid and very likable making you want to know what will happen to them.
Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
I remember reading Huckleberry Finn as a child and thinking what a fun adventure. I mostly like this book because of the memories I have of reading it with my parents at that time. I also remember reading it and listening to it being read by Garrison Keillor on a trip with my parents to the American West. It is just a well written fun adventure. The characters it creates are very vivid and likable.
I could basically copy cut-and-paste my answer from Huckleberry Finn for this book. For I love it for the same reasons that I love Huckleberry Finn.
Moby Dick fire Herman Melville
I remember reading Moby Dick a long time ago and like the adventure thinking nothing of the symbolism. I remember reading this book as a child well having it read to me. At the time thinking what a great extent your story it was. Later reading and can I found it full of rich symbolism and such vivid scene of whaling and adventure and the high seas.
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
I like this book for it was when the first books that I remember my father reading to me. As you can tell from the answers for the other books I enjoy adventure stories. Treasure Island is no different as far as I’m concerned just a true adventure story. The story of a adventure find treasure on a mysterious island. It is the story you can’t resist it has treasure, a ocean voyage, swordfights gunfights and Pirates and who can resist that in an adventure story
What do you read for pleasure?
History book
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The Skirmish at Big Creek Church
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 5,610. Language: English. Published: July 18, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » History » War
this book is about the Skirmish at Big Creek Church. The book follows four of my family member who served in the civil War and then took part in the skirmish after the Civil War. it also tells the story of what happens after the Skirmish to the people involved.
Red the Dog in the Woods John A Sutherland
Price: $1.50 USD. Words: 520. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Red and James have lots of fun playing the woods. They do get separated and when all seems lost James finds red the dog.
Five Bean Chili Recipe by chef John a Sutherland
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 410. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » American / General
This is a pamphlet that I have written about how to cook a delicious and easy five bean chili in a crockpot. This is a recipe that I have been working on for many years. It took me many years to perfect this recipe for a delicious chili.
7 Fun and Simple Recipes By Chef John A Sutherland
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 2,480. Language: English. Published: December 16, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » American / General
I am a graduate of the international culinary schools at the art Institute of Atlanta and I am a certified chefs. These are my favorite seven dishes that I have found most people really like and are fairly simple to cook. These are recipes that can be put together as a meal in themselves or as a main course for a full meal. One example is the lemon butter chicken breast with herbs as a main dish a
A Dog in the City By John A Sutherland
Price: $1.00 USD. Words: 290. Language: English. Published: November 25, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A dog in the city is a children’s book about a little boy and his best friend a dog named Red. One day Red is playing in the yard and gets separated from his best friend a little boy named James. After an adventure in the big city Red the dog returns to James.

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