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I’ve had a good life, and many interesting adventures. Some stories I can tell you about, some might need to wait a few more years.

I’ve written for years in my other business endeavors, and always dreamed of being published as a fiction writer. I guess the Beatles had it right. Cutting your teeth in the business world might be a bit dry, but you learn to develop a narrative and keep schedules. These are both traits that can be difficult to master and some days I write nothing or knockout 5,000 words. Does this break my schedules? No. I focus on the bigger timeline, months away.

Old Man Karate is a blog I maintain that discusses topics relating to martial arts. The blog supports readers from the far reaches of the English reading planet and is a tremendous outlet for creative expression. I also teach martial arts. This helps when writing physical conflict.

Building stuff with my hands is a common hobby. Even if the creative medium changes, the creativity does not. I bring this up because it points to a relevance I try to maintain in all my stories. The science and technology must work. Things rust, oil dries up, the sun burns the skin, and people get thirsty. These concepts need to be taken into account when writing. All too often I read a book and reach an impasse such that the author it totally wrong with their science. This bugs me, and if you find an instance such as this in one of my stories, drop me a note and I will research the matter.

My stories are typically inspired by some observation from my life. Maybe I saw a person walking down the street and their gait or mannerisms sparked a quest to define the person in a story. A location may jump out at me spurring a creative burst.

Rye Ironstone is a bit of an alter ego for me. We all have our issues, and that’s why I like Rye so much. I get lots of questions of who Rye is based upon. The honest answer is no one. When I created the character I blended a bit of Jack Burton’s idiotic bravado and Kolchak the Night Stalker’s ability to experience the most crazy of encounters. Rye is a chance for me to write a fun adventure where you root for the hero even though he has several social shortcomings.

Gael Gale Ph.D. is in a large respect my mother. The finger thing does exist and my mother was a master of grabbing fingers and controlling four unruly children. Of course the technique lost it’s effectiveness when grew to tower over her.

Born in Georgia and residing in Massachusetts during early and mid teen years; my life was jolted with culture shock on a daily basis. Finally moving to Florida in High School, and completing my degree at the University of North Florida, I classify myself as an east coast southern guy. Redneck no, old south to a point, the years outside Boston scrubbed a lot of the gentility from me.

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Rye Ironstone - Mother Tesla's Death Ray
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 37,470. Language: English. Published: October 23, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
Rye Ironstone – Mother Tesla’s Death Ray blends the dry wit and political incorrectness of a true 1980’s hero learning to wear the badge of responsibility. Nicola Tesla’s long fabled death ray has been found, and continues to torment the town with ungodly lightning from the sky. Rye is thrust into a final confrontation with the religious group intent on correcting the moral decline of the nation.

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