John Roberts


I am not on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. My bio is not important. What's really important is not capable of being expressed in a tweet, a blog, or any other from of social media. Because, in fact, so-called social media is anything but social. I feel it's mass exploitation of the natural connections between people. Social media is, in fact, sociopathic, if spending time with actual human beings has anything to do with being sociable. The more time you and I spend dinking around in a website the less time we have to spend looking at the world around us, talking to neighbors and friends, planting something, listening to music, cooking good food, making love, writing, singing, or "...simply messing about in boats" to quote Muskrat from "The Wind in the Willows, which, if you have not yet read it, would be a much better use of your time than reading my bio. I do sincerely hope that those who read "The Finish Line" will thoroughly enjoy the tale. The characters, whose lives are lived within it's pages, are near and dear to my heart in all their beautiful imperfection, clumsy grace, and spontaneous courage. I will be very gratified if their stories enrich other people's lives as much as the telling has mine. You are welcome to visit the page where I dropped several recordings a few months ago hoping to pick up a few paying gigs. Take care of your self.


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