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  • Paranormal Investigations 1 - No Situation Too Strange on Dec. 28, 2011

    If X Factor wannabies can give 110%, why can't I give this six stars? It's brilliant! It would be easy (but misguided) to pigeon-hole this book as supernatural fantasy, and to pass it by because of that would be like deciding not to read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy because you don't like science-fiction, or Aberystwyth Mon Amour because you don't like gumshoe crime stories. A compelling storyline, brilliantly conceived characters, sharp, witty writing and flawlessly voiced dialogue combine to make this a novel that's impossible to put down. Can I have some more please?
  • Paranormal Investigations 2: Will Work For Biscuits on July 01, 2012

    A fantastic read! I have always enjoyed series of books that develop the characters and open up their developing lives to the readers. But it takes real talent (and imagination) to grab people's interest and make each book a 'must read'. It is clear that this is one such and I'm awaiting the next volume with much anticipation and not a little impatience!