John Samsen


Over a course of many decades, John Samsen followed a quest to understand the “big questions” of Life; why are we here, what is Life all about, and who am I, really? Trained as an aerospace engineer, John has been a devotee of the Sciences, believing that the scientific method is essential to our understandings of our world. A number of paranormal experiences opened his mind to areas of experience beyond the paradigms of science, and he studied mythologies, religions, philosophies, and psychologies, to expand his understandings. In 1970, he embarked on a quest of Self discovery, participating in hundreds of hours of intensive consciousness exploration with such noted researchers as Dr.s Jean Houston and Robert Masters, Lawrence LeShan, Stanley Krippner, Robert Monroe, and others involved in the “human potentials” movement of the 1970's. After a series of traumatic events in his life, John experienced a “metanoia”, what some call a transformation or “awakening”. John's quest ended, and in the years since, he has been enjoying life, knowing “peace of mind”, “unconditional love”, and freedom from fear and anxiety. John has been working on a verbal description of consciousness and "awakening" that does not rely on traditional metaphysical or religious ideas, but is consistent with modern scientific concepts of space, time, matter, and energy. He believes that a dramatic experience of “awakening”, which is rare and very difficult to achieve, is not necessary for enlightened living; that with proper guidance and consistent effort, people can achieve the same state of being.

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