John T. M. Herres


I am a fiction writer;
A creator of larger-than-life heroes of ages gone by;
Great wizards gone bad, and those who resist them;
War between interstellar residents, both on this planet and far away;
Alien races intent on the annihilation of any being not their own,
and weaker ones in need of a savior- as well as the One who becomes their savior.

When you get to my writing, sit back, hold on, and enjoy the adrenaline rush!

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I tried writing my first story way back in the 80's. At 17, I penned four chapters in a Fantasy/Adventure story (which may have closely resembled my Barbarian story now). I stopped because life 'got in the way;' I needed to work, and I was in the throes of my vehemently denied alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, I lost those pages.
In 2010, I hurt my back at work and went on Workers Comp leave. With nothing else to do, I started writing again.
What is your writing process?
Ha. I get a sentence or two running through the vastness betwixt my ears that won't let me be until it is written, then the story unfolds as I go. I don't do the whole plotting, outlining or anything else the "experts" say one is supposed to do.
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Smashwords book reviews by John T. M. Herres

  • Put on a Happy Face on July 23, 2018

    An intriguing beginning to what could be a bizarre series of stories. I anticipate finding where the story takes me.