Smashwords book reviews by JohnZak

  • I, Human Part One: The New Renaissance on Jan. 13, 2015

    I really enjoyed reading this book, despite it lacking in action somewhat. But hey, science fiction is not always about action is it? As I understand the series, the first part of the story is meant as a prelude of great things to come in the rest of the series, which shows great potential. The way the author writes enables you to really think you are the character in the book telling the story. Great Imagination, intriguing and entertaining!
  • I, Human Part Two: An Android's Soul on Jan. 14, 2015

    If you are interested in philosophy, spirituality, Zen, Christianity, and if you want an opinion as to what constitutes a human being, then you will find this part of the story interesting. Leaving aside the metaphysical thoughts of the author, there are some great concepts in the descriptions of the aliens and their worlds. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
  • I, Human Part Three: The Orbs of Sapentia on Jan. 22, 2015

    EPIC WORLDS OF ADVENTURE THROUGH THE COSMOS Highly creative theories and concepts that are out of this world. If you like Babylon5, startrek, stargate and the outerlimits, you will like this series.
  • I, Human Part Four: The Invisible Spectrum of Light on Jan. 22, 2015

    EPIC ADVENTURE ON A GRAND SCALE! Imagine death playing cards with Mephistopheles, and a ghost planet that protects the solar system. Imagine an epic adventure on a grand scale, with plenty of intrigue and suspense. If you liked the earlier books you will like this one too!
  • I, Human Part Five: The Malevolence of Evil on Feb. 02, 2015

    EPIC FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Here is a complex and well thought out universe waiting for you to discover, populated with interesting and realistic characters. Sit back and relax, as you introduce yourself to mind blowing concepts, theories and technologies. Highly recommended!
  • I, Human Part: Six Infinite Worlds on Feb. 08, 2015

    A GREAT SPACE OPERA/FANTASY SERIES If you like reading about space opera's, complex science-fiction, adventure and the exploration of futuristic ideas, then you may very well enjoy reading this book.
  • I, Human Part Seven: The Cosmic Corridors on May 21, 2015

    In my humble opinion, easily one of the best fantasy science-fiction series I have ever read. I think that says it all.