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Born in a small Texas town, Jolene Faye grew up a country girl on a small farm. From early on, she was an avid reader. Starting all the way back when she was barely a teen, the writings of authors such as Stephen King, John Grisham and Danielle Steel intensified her love of the written word. Always daydreaming and often not being able to sleep, Jolene penned her dreams and thoughts on whatever notebook she had around. As the size of the farm she grew up on dwindled, her lifelong dreams often revolved around living on a big sprawling ranch. Only her love of animals could compare to her love of the written word. As the years passed with her writing poems and short stories, Jolene envisioned her adult life. She knew someday she would become a veterinarian, own and live on a large beautiful ranch and eventually retire to running a quaint little bed and breakfast.

As it often happens, life had other plans for Jolene as she came to find, the day her soul mate walked into her life. Never giving much thought about marriage, children or a family, life literally turned her plans upside down. The hot July day when she looked into the eyes of her first born child, all her old dreams faded. The only future Jolene could see in the bright eyes of her baby girl were those of the child growing, becoming successful and following her own dreams. With a love greater that she'd ever known, Jolene watched as youthful dreams molded into the dreams of a mother. Devoting the next fourteen years of her life to raising, caring for, and encouraging the dreams of both her little girls, Jolene lived a happy life. As her oldest child grew and started sharing her own dreams, the long suppressed love Jolene once had for reading and writing resurfaced. Wanting to show her children they should never give up their dreams, she sat down once again with pen to paper and dreamed.

With several short stories started, the old flame of imagination lit the fires in Jolene's vivid dreams. Often dreaming of scene as she struggled with insomnia, Jolene formed her visions into words. Playing each piece over in her mind like a movie, the familiarity of the characters intensified, making them feel almost real. After months of her thoughts pouring out onto the computer screen and debating if she should share her stories, Jolene's family encouraged her. Having read several well written and memorable ebooks on Smashwords over the years, she took the leap. With her hands shaking, her doubts telling her it wasn't good enough, and her breath held tight, Jolene clicked. Her heart stopped as the Publish button depressed. Her eyes wide and unbelieving as the progress wheels twirled on her screen. Listening to her two girls argue over a television show behind her, Jolene finally and slowly sighed realizing she had just done the very thing she spent the last fourteen years of her life encouraging her daughters to do. She was following her dreams.

*Personal Note*
I want to take this time to thank everyone who read and enjoyed my first book Texas Tornado. Since it's conception, so many stories have been floating through my mind. I have since finished another book and am excited to get through the editing and review process so I can publish it as well. I'd like to ask everyone who has read or will read Texas Tornado to post a review, good or bad, I'd like to know what everyone thought of it.
Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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Smashwords book reviews by Jolene Faye

  • Bonded on July 07, 2012

    A review of The Mating is what first brought me to Smashwords. Not being a big fan of the whole vampire/werewolf love stories I was so taken by The Mating, I finished it and the other two books in three days time. Bonded was by far the best in my opinion. Ms. Charles is a wonderful writer and reading her books helped to inspire me to share my own. If and when these become available in hardcover, count me in!
  • Her Last Chance on July 08, 2012

    I have to say this was the first time I openly laughed, spitting coffee everywhere, reading a romance! Absolutely wonderful book! Some parts seemed rushed, but if they had been more involved it may have seemed more fluffed for content rather than the way it was written. Great job!
  • The Lawman on June 23, 2013

    Wonderful story. The length had me worried the entire story wouldn't play out, but the author did not fail at delivering an exciting, well rounded cast of characters as well as an intriguing tale.