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Born in Iowa, I've travelled to various cities in the US throughout my life, watching and learning from people and putting their lives into the worlds I create.

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  • Aside of Murder on July 03, 2012

    In the 1950’s there were a number of crime-thriller movies and early black and white television shows that brought about the sense of the noir that repeated in many ways the feeling of the 1930’s crime dramas. In spite of the modern day feel to the technology and it’s general feel of today, the characters and the essence of how the mystery unfolded very much brought me back to the times I grew up watching those old movies on syndicated television. The feel of the story, along with the sense of the characters, even the bad people gave me the feeling of once again watching the return of the polite, even to those one disliked. The strength of said characters in turn does not come from the grand gesture but the focus of each character as they develop over the course of the story. However, in some ways, it remains this way, and as it was in 1950’s Noir, it shows in this book that the main characters have some loosening up to do. Is it a bad thing? No, by no means. I would and do easily give this book four stars for the work and effort put into it by the author. The characters do develop and do show humanity in both good and bad ways. But I caution the reader to understand that the way it’s shown is through the polite ways that today’s more modern day reader might not quite be used to. Just remember that by “polite” I do not mean kindly, or good. But rather the story is focused along those lines of a past behavior not easily seen in today’s culture. Beyond this, I have found Aside of Murder to be an excellent read and I do recommend it for people to enjoy themselves. It comes with a pinch of caution, but otherwise, it’s my hope that the writer continues in this series.