Jon Jackson


Ten things about me you may very well not care about:

1. I'm a Christian
2. I'm probably old enough to be your dad
3. I'm married to a wonderful woman who is REALLY HOT
4. I have two wonderful sons ages 6 and 9
5. I hate talking about myself
6. I really want to make it as a professional writer
7. I really appreciate honest feedback on my stories
8. I love superhero and science fiction movies
9. I think Dilbert is the funniest comic strip going today but is a piker compared to Calvin and Hobbes
10. I look nothing like my picture because I don't wear a hat

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  • Yard Sale! on Feb. 11, 2012

    Well written with good pacing and good sketches of the neighbor's indifference to the protagonist's situation when there was actually time to do something about it as well as their greed for the couple's possessions. I have to wonder if they would have actually cared if the protagonist's husband were alive or dead, as long as they got what they wanted from the situation. The device of a yard sale was also very creative, though mentioning the fingerprint angle sort of put a nail in the coffin for the payoff. A good, though not unexpected, ending. If the author ever does a rewrite she might consider some major misdirection and save the payoff until the very last line. All in all a very solid effort that makes this an author well worth following