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Jonas Samuelle awoke in an Arizona vineyard several years ago to find that he had no memory, a bleeding head-wound, a relentless authorial drive, and a shotgun leveled at him. Some of these issues have yet to be remedied.

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  • Evolution of Insanity on June 05, 2011

    What Mr. Daswani has written isn't a collection of short stories, so much as essays, meditations on the miniscule and the mighty, the sacred and the mundane. His words are a rolling litany of the kinds of thoughts that we have sometimes, when the courage to be quiet comes over us and the moment to moment perception of our experiences coaleces into a harmony. This isn't a book to be read straight through. Its Bukowski-esque ravings are best taken one at a time, then digested slowly. It's a work that challenges the reader, dizzies them, and makes no apologies. His essence of True Spirituality was especially engrossing, even for an atheist like me. If you're up to the challenge, if you're not afraid of losing your mind a bit, then you don't want to miss this book.