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  • Take the Money and Run! An Insider's Guide to Venture Capital on Aug. 14, 2011

    Gerry Langeler provides an insider's perspective to the whole venture capital scene that is normally unseen by the prospective entrepreneur. The book gets into the nitty gritty of exactly what venture capitalists do and how they perform their evaluations (as opposed to valuations). He provides loads of tips and anecdotes regarding do's and don'ts for people looking to get VC funding. It's clear that he's been doing this a while (20 years) so the advice is very practical. "Here's how a company we dealt with got what they wanted ..." "Here's are the characteristics of a loser CEO" etc. Even if you don't use a checklist method, all the advice nevertheless provides a useful framework and perspective. It's a quick read and Langeler addresses a multitude of issues succinctly although he's a bit heavy on the analogies. The book also does not analyze startup success from a primarily quantitative perspective so it should be very accessible to all start-up hopefuls - though being familiar with the quantitative side will provide even greater benefit from his insight. As far as business books go, this has a strong emphasis on the qualitative aspects: building and managing productive relationships between the VC and entrepreneur, building a successful company, giving an effective presentation etc. While he drives the point home that most start-ups are not a good match for Venture Capitalists; if you are among the few with the grand vision and scale that VCs are looking for, you will no doubt save a lot of time by following Langeler's advice. Even for those that aren't looking to be the next Google, there is plenty of solid advice (with a unique VC perspective) that applies to all entrepreneurs - from the guy working in a garage to the well-established company ready to negotiate for another round of VC funding.