Joseph of Jerusalem


Joseph was born in Jerusalem in the Christian Quarter. He is the fourth of five children and wishes that everyone disregard rumours that this has any meaning whatsoever. Joseph was baptised at the Notre Dame de France chapel, currently known as the

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem

This name may have influenced his lifelong inquisition into ethics and aesthetics. Upon being shot at, torched, and cussed at in the world’s holiest city before the age of four, Joseph and his family flew to the New World in a quest for somewhat more polite neighbours. Any such improvement would have been welcomed.

After a 5,700 mile passage, the family found a bounty of civility, opportunity, and cultural pleasures. Joseph enjoyed a long childhood, earned a degree in philosophy, and may have become unemployable. He also imagines holding some credentials in art criticism. The family was never to be shot or torched again, and so they consider the journey a great success. Their gratitude goes to all those cheerful faces along the way, and, with further good fortune, beyond.

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