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Ten years ago I had a remarkable dream I dreamt of a remarkable teenage girl named Patience Robinson. I had no idea that a dream of a girl’s journey on a plantation she was raised on would translate into my lifelong quest to learn how All of us know about hardships, pain, laughter and sorrow we often view our life’s triumphs or failures as personal or spiritual lessons. I never imagined that the life of Patience and her family could impact mine so profoundly.

The past ten years have been incredible in that once Patience got into my head her life merged with mine and her story became my…life. I believe that I was gifted this story to become empowered to survive the tremendous personal challenges as well as to have a purpose to not give up on life. Connecting to her wasn’t a struggle or challenge every time I was on a computer her story was waiting, ready to be told. There was no struggle to conceptualize words, images, and dialogue was effortless. It is why I enjoyed what I would refer to as the big…reveal. The writing of Patience’s journey was so freeing and exciting because I never knew what would be expressed. This whole author experience was totally unconventional there was no story concepts, etc. The true challenge was in the learning and committing to how to be an author. Learning about story structure, the lessons needed to construct her story so I went to online school, books, etc. That wasn’t enough because I would often write about subjects I had no prior knowledge of then I would have to learn about them. This turned me into a researcher because it was fascinating to write about nature, the plantation, slavery, mysticism and spirituality.

Imagine dreaming of a story then writing about it only to discover that this is a rare gift an extraordinary powerful gift because this story was is a lesson about the study of the state of my mental thoughts. My level of, ‘consciousness’, and everyone that was a part of Patience’s world. I never know why or understood why I was compelled to write about specific things in the story until I was nine years into it.

I realized that this story is about transformation of mind, body and soul now I want this book to be a catalyst for a personal self study. I ask of you to explore, truly question the state of your, ‘consciousness’.

It has taken me ten years to, ‘learn how to live’ the rest of my life, I sincerely hope that this story will contribute to your growth as well.

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The Gatekeeper
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 87,930. Language: English. Published: January 7, 2014. Categories: Fiction » African American fiction » Christian, Fiction » Inspirational
"The Gatekeeper" is an inspirational story about the power of love, set in a world of fantasy and adventure. Patience was an ordinary African American teenager, but she must embrace physical transformation into the thing she fears most in order to save a world that she despises.

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