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Having served as a mentor and teacher to professionals of all stripes and studied organizational psychology, I’ve gained experience and perspective that led me to develop a complete program to leverage the full power of introverts. Introverts in professional roles deserve more than they currently get in the world of work.

Over the past five years, I developed and refined a template for success that is summarized in The Introvert’s Guide to Professional Success: How to Let Your Quiet Competence Be Your Career Advantage, a practical how-to manual informed by good behavioral science and tested by introverts in various walks of professional life.

Credentials: Joyce Shelleman holds a Ph.D. in business (organizational behavior) from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to writing, workshops, and consulting to individuals, she lectures at the University of Southern Maine and in the Leadership MBA program at St. Joseph's College of Maine.

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  • The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O.Wilson on March 12, 2012

    I loved this book. It is a delight and I believe that almost any child will like it. The graphics are exceptional and the prose is clear and parsimonious. Van Dyke tells the story of Edward Wilson in a compelling and straightforward way. It is a story with many lessons about commitment to something larger than oneself, imagination, hard work, and our connection with nature. I truly believe that parents and teachers will love it as much as I did - for the platform it offers to engage young minds in an inspiring way AND for the sheer pleasure of the story itself.