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Smashwords book reviews by Jude Henderson

  • Chasing McCree on Sep. 14, 2012

    Best part of Chasing McCree? Briar. I really liked her as a character. I've read quite a few books were the main character struggles with the decision of following her friends and what's expected of her, but not one with as much determination as Briar. The night her friends left her and she met Chase, she made up her mind. She never really doubted what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be, which is something I really admired in her. Her mother was also a really pushy person that expected waaaay to much of her, I really did hate the woman. Still, even if there was pressure, Briar stood her ground. As for Chase, apart from the times were he mentioned he enjoyed to shoot and killed his first animal at the age of 10 and me constantly thinking he was a savage for doing such a thing, was pretty charming. He was a cowboy to the core, and also a gentleman. He wasn't a city boy at all, he belonged in his ranch. As for Briar, even if she was raised as a city girl, deep down, she felt more alive and like herself in the ranch also. I had a small conflict with this. I wasn't really able to relate to that aspect of the story. I'm definitely a city girl - not like Briar, I'm not rich and I do more things than shop, but I am so Not a ranch/outdoors girl. I'm not one to go camping, or riding horses. Don't get me wrong, camping must be fun - as a once in a lifetime event. And horses are pretty - from far away. The idea of breaking free from the city sounds romantic and pretty; liberating and honest, but while showing this I think the book made life in the city seem too shallow. Aside from this the book was really fun, lighthearted and quirky, especially Briar's Grandmother. Crazy lady, really funny, no doubt! She was a really entertaining character! But if my Grandmother ever starts acting that way or says the phrase 'No Glove go Love' to me, I'll freak out o.o And a great ending! Really liked the Epilogue, really showed a HEA. I'll definitely be reading more books by this author! :)
  • What Kills Me on Sep. 14, 2012

    I Loved the tragic aspect of the book, no, not in a sad way. But how Alexia became a vampire, and what she had to face afterwards was pretty much brutal. I really felt for her from the moment she woke up as a vampire. She had such a short time to grieve what she's lost before she's given a death sentence. Lucky her, she's special. The unlucky part is that she has to learn the hard way. Speaking of unlucky characters: Meet Lucas. Hot and strong and protective. Did I miss anything? He also had to loose a lot in the beginning. He was a very bitter character in the beginning, his mood softened a little as he got to know Alexia, and together they had great-sarcastic sense of humor, I really enjoyed the interaction between these two. Apart from the great dynamics between the main characters, was all the action. No dull moments. Always on the go and running for their lives. I was really intrigued by the prophecy in the book. The fact that Alexia is was meant to basically extinguish vampires was a bit funny yet exiting and interesting. Especially if we consider that Alexia feels really bad for stealing someones car... not exactly what I had in mind for a main character with a huge destiny. Alexia was original in this aspect. She's not your typical hero, she's quirky, awkward and she can't seem to shut up x) She's in the stage of trying to find out who she is as a vampire and who she is to the vampire race. By the end she became stronger and braver. I really enjoyed the ending and the shocking aspects of it. Looking forward to the sequel :D!